What it Means to be a Citizen of the World


Citizens of the world!

It’s a common phrase used by most travelers or wanderlusts. We often come across the phrase on social media either by hashtags, or catchy captions.

But what exactly does it mean?

To us, being a citizen of the world means:

1.) Amazed by the Beauty of the World’s Diversity

This means embracing how the world’s diverse landscape is. From snowy terrains, to roaring oceans, to beach paradise, concrete jungles, nature’s paradise, or even warm deserts, it’s being able to enjoy the beauty of what this world has to offer.

Truly, Earth is unique in each and every single way. As a citizen of the world, we should be able to embrace whatever this world has to offer (of course, with strong consideration for safety as it can get extreme).

2.) Unbound by Citizenship, Culture, Ethnicity,  and Religion

Citizens of the world are not entrenched to what they were made to believe. They enjoy meeting new people and exploring the different cultures that made the world.

Time made regular citizens bound by what they believe, but true citizens of the world think otherwise. They believe that to connect the world, is to destroy the prejudice we have amongst other cultures.

3.) Advocates of Preserving and at the Same Time Making the World a Better Place

True Citizens of the World would want to preserve the world. They understand the timeless beauty, and are strong advocates for preserving its beauty.

They have strong beliefs that through the world citizenship, they could possibly unite each other and help each other in turning the world into a better place one travel and action at a time.

It’s amazing to be a citizen of the world. While it may seem vague and ambitious to aim for uniting the world through just a phrase that holds no legality in terms of citizenship, being a citizen of the world allows you to see the true beauty of the world and hits you with why it should be preserved.