Starting is the First Step

It’s also probably the hardest.


Most of the time, when we consider starting something, either a business, a blog page, or anything in general, we get fogged up by the fear of the unknown.

We get anxious about what may happen, and we start focusing on the possible failure and humiliation we might attain by starting.

BUT what we are missing out on is the possibility of succeeding. Although sometimes it may seem slim (success), never starting completely abolishes the chances of success.

Successful People Didn’t Have it All Figured Out

Countless names on the podium of success didn’t have everything figured out form the beginning.

Most of the people who are now successful today had only one competitive edge against the other and that is: STARTING.

They jump started their ambitions and continued to believe in it and learned by the day.

Had they never started, they would never have accomplished anything they would had today.


Find Gold in Failure

The only thing guaranteed from here on is failure.

Most people fear failure, and would shy away from it. They miss out on seeing the big opportunity in failure.

Failures are good learning points. With the right mindset, failure leads to growth and opportunity.

As long as we fear failure, we never learn to get pass through it and we never get to see beyond it or learn from it.

The best advice for starters is to embrace failure, as it will, eventually, become your best friend.



Don’t Fear the Unknown, Embrace it!

While our thoughts get clogged up with anxiety of what might happen next, always keep in mind and heart that the unknown is a great adventure.

If we will forever fear the unknown, then we will never truly find out if the unknown would be good, or bad.

“No one does when they begin. Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started”

– Mark Zuckerberg